Wednesday, 3 June 2015


 I'm back!! I know I have not posted in forever!!! I don't know how many times I sat at the computer with full intentions of posting and I get interrupted and now all of a sudden it's 5 weeks since I posted!! Crazy. We have been sooooooo busy. Getting the crop in, cows out to pasture and out with the bulls, birthdays, baseball and everything in between! Here is most of the last five weeks in pictures.
 Grandpa's birthday! He here is with his grandchildren minus the two out west. We had a bonfire with hotdogs and s'mores and then this delicious cake Grandma made.

 Processing the cows and calves to go out with the bulls.
 It was nice outside so I managed to help the whole time with all three kids in tow.
 We have great immune systems around here :)
 All the mamas looking for their babies.
 Calves turn to go through!
 Almost four months old here!
 My loves.
 We went to the Wellness Fair a couple weeks ago and this was Tanner's first ride on a school bus.
 Ali enjoyed the stations as well.

 Grandpa and his girls.

 Starting to love her exersaucer.
 My birthday flowers.

 We have three baby foals this spring, here are two of them.

 Planting canola here. We started seeding a month earlier than last year.
 My Mother's Day gift from my boy! I'm glad I took a doesn't look like that anymore.
 Four months old!

 His first year of baseball.

Sorry for the long post! I'll try to get on here sooner from now on.


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