Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Look who's three?!

 So hard to believe our first baby girl is three years old! We started the day off right with a birthday present. Her reaction to getting cowboy boots was awesome!! Ever since her brother got boots for his birthday she's been talking about how she's getting her own pair for her own birthday LOL.

 She gets her good looks from her Momma.
 We had cake and coffee after supper for her. I made a cupcake horsey 'Blossom' cake. It turned out not too bad.

Me and my first baby girl. I made someone take a picture of her and I, somehow Mom's are never in the pictures........I'm trying to change that.

She still wakes up every night and comes to our bed. Goes to bed and sleeps with her brother right now.

Loves her grandpa's. Definitely a Grandpa girl.

Loves her pony Blossom.

Love Kraft Dinner and hotdogs. (but won't eat pasta with white sauce or alfredo sauce....weird)

Loves bath time.

Loves swimming.

Doesn't really play with anything in particular. She has no favorite toys. Rarely plays with babies. If she does, it's usually her cabbage patch doll. Plays kitchen and farms with her brother. Loves jewelry, dress-up and painting her nails.

Loves loves loves her blankie, has to go to bed with her every night.

Hates having her hair brushed. Never lets us put clips or ponytails in it. I'm sure people think we never comb her hair...

Loves to press the buttons on washing machine.

Never quits moving or talking or asking questions. We like to call her our 'Threenager'. The house seems extremely and strangely quiet when she is sleeping.

Doesn't nap anymore but will fall asleep on the couch or in vehicle if she's had a few late nights or particular busy days.

Love her to bits and even though she drives me insane most days, we wouldn't change her for the world!

Love you sweetheart.

Love Mommy

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