Sunday, 18 October 2015

Another beautiful fall day

 Can't believe she is 9 months old already!? Sigh.
 We found a broken wasp nest.

We enjoyed another beautiful fall day today!! Hubby helped a friend move his cabin out to his pasture today. (After fencing and chasing cows all morning!!) So the kids and i wandered out there later in the afternoon and just in case, I packed wiener roasting supplies. And we had a spontaneous wiener roast! It was fun. Forgot wiener sticks and chairs but still fun. And of course Mom always forgets to make Dad take pictures so she can be in them too. We also got to enjoy a nice bonfire last night too!

I really suck at blogging every day for Blogtober...but hey! At least you are getting more reading than last month ;)


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