Monday, 5 October 2015

Mongrel Monday

 What can I say? I love animals. Right now I'm feeding 14 pigs to butcher. We'll butcher 1 for ourselves. And sell the rest ready to butcher. They should be 8 for sure ready in a months time. Our morning routine is heading out to the barn to feed and check on the pigs. They have a large area to themselves in the barn. So far they've managed to escape three or four times. Never outside of the barn. I hope that never happens because I don't know how we'd catch them!! 

Also, did you know October is National Pig Month? So I figured I better do a post them. Lol. 

They are eating a couple pails of chop a day. And they LOVE my scraps from the kitchen. Anywho here's some pictures.


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  1. Devin used to custom feed hogs, back in the day. They would get out all the time, it frustrated him so much! He would chase them with the four wheeler, around and around the biotech until they had lost some energy and it was easier to "encourage them" to get back where they belonged.