Friday, 16 August 2013

Mommies should be born with GPS and Extendable arms.

Today was interesting to say the least. Here is a little taste:

9am - Text my play-date Mommy to inform her that our 9:30 play-date will have to be moved to 10 instead. Things are running late at the Nelson Ranch.

9:45am - Zooming down our road to my date, driving past Keystone Concrete and realize: CRAP, I told my Hubby I would make him a lunch and drop it off at work. (Insert A LOT of big colorful grumbles courtesy of yours truly) So I turn around and head home to make a lunch like a good wifey.

9:59am - Drop lunch off. But the boss lady and another co-worker of my Hubby's inform me that he actually went home at about 8:10am this morning to farm. ^$#!&^^%(*&_*(^&^#% Insert lack of communication skills!

10:03am - Zoom off to my already late date. Insert more colorful grumbles bc I'm late.

10:15am - Arrive at play-date and have a splendid visit. It was too short.

11:45am - Load up the kidlets to zoom back home to prepare for the next adventure of the day.

12:45pm - We pick up Grandma to go shopping in Brandon.

Everything went smoothly till about.....let's say 5pm.

5pm - We leave The Home Depot and go to Home Hardware. Grandma stays in the van with kidlets. I come out to my daughter screaming and Grandma trying to console her. Can't find suckie anywhere!!!!!!

5:15pm - After searching everywhere, the only thing I can thing of is that maybe her string got caught in the cart at Home Depot.

5:23pm - Sure enough, there is, sitting in the cart. Insert screaming daughter this whole entire time. (She is very much needing a nap at this point) THIS IS WHY MOMMIES NEED GPS! On suckies, blankies, etc.

5:45pm - Pull up to the lights, have to have a Timmies stop before we hit for home.  Realize that I forgot to pick up the beer my Hubby requested! &^$$(^%)*& We only drove past fifty million vendors throughout the whole day!

6:15pm - Driving home and Tanner's blankie fell down between the seats where he could not reach it. And neither myself or Grandma could reach it while we were driving. And I was NOT stopping just for that. And that is why Mommies need extendable arms.

It is now 10:27pm and I am hitting the sack.

 Tomorrow is a brand new day! This was NOT a bad day, just an interesting one. There was still lots of laughs and good times.


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  1. Bahahaha! Was glad to be able to go back and read this after you told me about it. I just about spit my drink out when I read the part about going back home to make lunch but Corey had gone home...the life of a farm wife...always unpredictable.