Saturday, 10 August 2013

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary ~ August 9th

 Here we were five years ago!! Our wedding day was such a blast! We had so much fun.
And he were are now! (It is terrible that this is the most recent family pic I have) I don't even have one of just my Hubby and I! It is amazing what all happens in five years. Our family has grown from two to four. We have moved from our house trailer into our new house. The new house was a big bonding experience and test to our marriage! ;) We are farming more acres and have more cows than when we were first married. We have one cat and two dogs. (Had three dogs and lost one) My Hubby is still working at the same job, I have since graduated from college, had a job as an Agronomist and after two maternity leaves I am now a full-time stay at home Mommy who also looks after other children.

Here is our Pride & Joy!

Have a wonderful evening (despite the rain :()

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