Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Our thank-you supper

 Last Saturday night we held a thank-you supper at our home to show our appreciation for everyone who helped us build our home.
 I need to write everyone's name down that was there yet but we fed about 60 people, including ourselves. We had some not come that we're planning on coming.

 My cake is three 14x14 cakes put together. There is two 9x13 cakes in each cake.
 We set it all up in our basement.
I know a lot of people thought I was crazy to cook for that many people but we just wanted to show how much we appreciate everyone's help. We cooked 30 pounds of roast beef, 14 pounds of meatballs, baked potatoes, mixed veggies, tossed and macaroni salad, buns and chocolate cake and ice cream. Along with numerous drinks, coffee, tea and punch! Now our home is even more special because of it!


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