Thursday, 24 April 2014

Pie making day

I actually really love making pies. Mostly because everyone loves to eat them. They can pretty much turn every frown upside down!  I made pies for this past years Christmas gathering with my Mom. I had to laugh at her comment when she seen my pies. "I can't believe you can make such nice looking pies!" (she said they were delicious too) I jokingly acted like I was offended but I knew exactly what she meant. Growing up my Mom baked and cooked a lot!  But I could care less to participate especially if I didn't have to. Although I am very thankful that I had no choice in the cooking department a lot of times. I learned to cook, I didn't really have much choice in that matter. When we were a bit older Mom started working out and supper was often left to me. But anyways,  back to the pie topic. So I didn't exactly learn to make pies from my Mom although I'm sure some of it soaked in, indirectly.

So when I say that I make one hell of an apple pie, I'm neither joking or bragging, just simply stating a fact :)

Today I made 6 pies. Two apple pies (I'm soooooooooo glad I canned apple pie filler) and two pie shells for the freezer. And I baked two pie shells so I can make a lemon pie and a banana cream (the banana cream from scratch)  to enjoy today!!!

What's better to do on a rain day??!



  1. I never did much cooking growing up either. And I was ok with that.
    But learning to make pies has been on my to do list for years. Not that I've ever tried. But I figure if I can teach myself to bake buns, I should be able to figure out pies too. One of these days! Your pies look great! Do you have a good pie crust recipe to share?

  2. Honestly, I just use the one on the tenderflake box... I used to have a lot of trouble with my dough breaking apart and not being 'elasticy' when I was rolling it out. I have found that my lard has to be cut into the flour cold - don't let it sit on the counter and become room temperature. Also - use all the liquid the recipe calls for. If it's not rolling out very good, chill in fridge for couple hours and try again. It does take practice. And I taught myself to make buns too, so I'm sure you can teach yourself to make pies. It's actually very easy once you get your groove.

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