Thursday, 26 June 2014

My 'me' time

On a normal day, I wake at 6:45 am. I usually have a few little things to clean up before the rugrats show up but I always make sure I spend some of that time before my crazies wake up on the verandah with a coffee. Just sitting there listening to the birds and the wind blow through the trees is so calming. My favorite part of my day. Now don't get me wrong,  I love my kids to the moon and back. But. They are crazy (as per normal......they're kids after all), and we just cannot seem to get on the early bedtime routine. It's ALWAYS for sure 930-10 or even 1030-11 before they hit the sack and are we have to lay with our daughter to go to sleep. We had to do this with Tanner too, so I do know there is an end coming, they do grow out of this!!!!! But. This also means that while laying...mommy also falls asleep. So I don't really have a chance like normal people lol, to get any chores in after the kids are sleeping or to just sit and do nothing. Hence, first thing in the morning being my favorite part of the day. Sitting out here, I can reclaim some of my sanity he he.

So with all this talk about sleeping, sleeplessness, and limited mommy /  me time I feel it makes sense to tell you that we are expecting baby #3!! Ha ha. Yep. Now who's the crazy???



  1. Congratulations!! So exciting! For when?
    And that early bedtime will happen a lot easier when once Tanner is in school. Those early mornings sure change I've learned.

    1. Yes I know it will be very different once school hits our house. January 2 is the due date.