Monday, 9 June 2014

Slowly but surely, making progress

 This is a new to us tractor and air seeder. Pretty exciting step up from the old press drills!! Finally yesterday we were able to seed most of the day. (We do have out sunnies and corn in the ground. We use a planter for that) But it was so nice to be able to get some cereals in.
 It is just amazing how much ground you can cover with this equipment!.............When your not sitting in front of the shop that is!

 Helping Grandpa calibrate.
 They spotted the choo choo! My kids are obsessed!

 We went for a ride with Daddy in the new rig.

So we are getting somewhere even though it doesn't seem like it some days. Looking forward to celebrating Tanner's 4th birthday tonight. I will do a birthday post afterwards.

Have a great day.

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