Wednesday, 15 October 2014

This N' That

 Life has been so very busy. We can see the end of the oats now, and hopefully the canola is done today. Then it's the sunnies and they aren't far away either. I can't wait to put this harvest behind us. We started harvesting on August 16. It is now October 15........So almost 2 months to the date we have been start and stop combining on a crop that with nice weather should normally take us roughly two weeks! Anyways, I just love above picture of our little girl trying to blow on a dandelion.

I try to include both kids in baking once in awhile but it tests my patience and I have like -50 patience lately. It is easier when I don't have extra kids and I only have one extra now so things are much calmer around here lately. This pregnant momma needed to slow down and take a break.

Here we are working on oats, yep story of our life this year!!! And thank goodness we invested in a second combine this year because the other one has been giving us grief :(

And since we have a hundred other things on the go, why not start bringing the cows home???!! Lol. For some reason our simmental group came home two weeks earlier than the charolais group. They are up North at a PFRA pasture. The rest of our cows are around home.

 Here I am 28 weeks pregnant. Very hard to believe that in about three months we'll have a new family member!!

The hill of dirt if finally gone in front of my house, I just need to harrow it and plant grass/rye seed so I don't have dirt in front of my house next spring!

The kids got a new pet, someone passed down this goldfish to them. We need to get him a bigger tank but for now this will have to do. They still have yet to pick a name.

On Monday our silage crew showed up and chopped all 70 acres in one day. This is amazing to me because it usually takes us a week! (last year it took us a month---LOTS of breakdowns!!) This big self-propelled machine is just amazing, it chops super fast!! They did have to leave part of one field  because it was just too wet. They did get all three trucks stuck at least once and the machine once. But it's all done and it's nice to be able to stroke it off the to-do list.

 The silage pile.

We square baled the barley straw. We need to have squares for the barn for the winter.

 The other day Tanner went square baling with Grandma. Not very many kids can say they went baling with their Grandma! I had lots of leftovers from hosting Thanksgiving at our home Saturday night so that night I made a huge shepherd's pie for supper.

I FINALLY got some pictures of the fall colors, it's my favorite time of year and I'm soooooo guilty of using my phone to take pictures. I hate doing this because the pictures are never as nice as from an actual camera.

I was also quite disappointed in myself because I totally forgot to take any Thanksgiving pictures at all!

Anyways, Have a great day.

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