Sunday, 23 September 2012

Preserving the Past

Old fashioned ways have always fascinated me, I have walked through the old village at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum countless times in awe of the way we used to live. Every day I think of how we all take everything for granted and it's hard not to when don't know any other way.

There is something special about the family I have married into that I have loved from day #1. My in-laws used to be in the PMU and horses have been a part of their life for many years. And for many years my father-in-law has always had a team to drive. I love that my father-in-law loves to drive horses. He does all sorts with his team including feeding cows in the winter, sleigh rides, wagon rides, threshing, baling, raking, plowing, etc. He even has an old manure spreader! How many kids get to grow up with a team in the yard to go sleigh or wagon riding with almost anytime they wish? Not very many nowadays. But my kids will have this privilege and will continue to do so as long as I can have anything to do with it. I am not sure that my husband is a lover of driving, at least not at this point in his life, but I'm sure he will pick up the reins and continue to do so once his father is ready to hand them down.

Today my in-laws group of 'Wagon Train' friends all got together and practiced plowing for the afternoon. Yes I know, you are probably thinking...'Practiced plowing?!!??' But there is quite a science to it believe it or not! Next weekend I believe is the Manitoba Plowing Championships and there are a few of them who are planning on entering. So we ventured down this afternoon to watch. Six teams showed up. We even got the attention of some hutterites driving by and they had to come in and see what we were up to! It was ended by a very delicious supper. I was really ticked at myself because I brought my camera planning on taking everybody's picture individually. I started taking pictures and realized my cameras SD card was still in the computer!!! Bah! And my camera does not even have any internal memory. But there are other people who had cameras there. So when I get a hold of some of their pictures I will add them to this post!

 My father-in-law with Pearl & Blaze.
 A big team of Belgians.
 Heather with Coal & Crusty.

Anyways, this is just one of the many things I love about my husbands family. Once our kids are older, driving horses is something I would love to do more of and learn more about.

Even though they no longer have the PMU, they still breed about 30 draft mares and have 3 studs. This is my favorite colt this year. 

Anyways there is one more little tidbit of my life!


  1. well said! I should lend you the book I am reading when i am done. It is called "For Elise" and is the true story of a woman who has been forgotten in history. She lived south of Shilo. The story itself is an amazing one...but the background 'stuff' that happens is even more interesting...the pioneer way of life..the move from England to the homestead. AMAZING. I am increasingly aware of how fortunate we have it, and even more thankful for the people we have close by!

  2. I would love to read that book! Thanks, I really do love history, especially when it pertains directly to 'us'!