Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wonderful Weekend.

So our weekend was a wonderful one for sure. Started off with a relaxing Friday night for myself and the kids while hubby went hunting. Saturday we ran some errands in the morning and then we went to an auction sale. You gotta love auction sales! It was in the community where I grew up and functions like this are just an excuse for everyone to come out and visit. Pretty much my whole Dad's side of the family was there and uncles from the Mom's side too. Anyways, the lunch is always a highlight. Often the only reason we go to an auction sale is just to have lunch ha ha. Pies are the biggest attraction on the menu usually :) And they were delish. We went to this sale bc my hubby wanted to buy an older Ford half ton that was for sale. Just for bombing around on back and forth to work and to go hunting in. That way we don't have to use our 3/4 ton diesel so much. So while we were waiting for them to get to the trucks I of course had to check out the housewares and antique things. I found something that I have been looking for for a long time! I am always having to borrow my Grandma's...a fruit press. It is so excellent for making apple sauce with.

I have looked all over and cannot find them anywhere! This one is brand spankin' new and although I thought I had paid too much for it, my Grandma informed me that that was what they cost new. So even though I had kind of regretted going to the sale bc it ended up being a very miserable day (very windy, hot and dusty with two little ones), I was glad I went and scored that!

Then in the evening we headed out to the hills to have a bonfire with some great friends. They are people that I am incredibly Thankful for. We always have so much fun together. I'm glad that we will be a part of each others lives for a long time. Not only do we get together to have a good time but we also work side by side quite often. Whether it's time to process cattle and get them out to pasture or to bring them home, combining, baling or silaging we help each other out a lot. And although by the time we were on the road to go there and wondering why the heck we were going (it was already late, we were all exhausted from our long day and it always seems like so much work to get the kids packed up and out the door!!!), we were both soooo glad we went.

And today was a good family day. We spent some time with Corey's brother, his fiance and their two adorable boys who we have not seen much of lately bc we have all been so busy! It was a gorgeous day out minus the wind :( In the morning we went for a wagon ride with the team and then to Mom and Dads for our waffle Sunday lunch. We napped in the afternoon and had a very lazy rest of the day. Dad came over in the evening and I cheaped out and got Subway for supper. I didn't take as many pictures this wknd as I should have...I wish I had one from the wagon ride to post. I will have to steal one from my mother-in-law.

Now to do a little 'baking' in the kitchen for Corey's lunch tomorrow and then it's off to bed.

These are my favorite go to no bake cookies. They have peanut butter in them and are so yummy. For the recipe go to my Country Cookin' link.


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