Monday, 21 January 2013

Love is a Rose - Terri Clark

We have been staying close to home the last couple of days. Today has been the coldest day yet. I think it;s something like -42 Celsius in the wind. I can't believe they didn't cancel school! Anyhow, my days are being filled with laundry, scrap-booking and playing with the kids. We wanted to head to Grand Forks, ND this week as we have bought some interior doors for the house and would like to look at a bunch of other stuff but we have no desire to travel in this weather. We will likely go next week.

The calves are hitting the ground. A little too early for our liking. I hope our beginning is not an indication of what the whole season is going to be like :s But on the plus side starting this wknd the weather is supposed to smarten up.  

Oh Hubby has to start watching his cholesterol intake, we will be going to see a dietician soon. Anyone have any heart healthy recipes or tips you can share with us?? One piece of advice he got from his uncle is: "If it looks good don't eat it." ha ha. I hope there are some tasty ideas somewhere.

I thought I would share this song just because it's a favorite and I heard it this morning on the radio.

Have a wonderful day!

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