Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Scrap-booking

I have been in the mood to scrap-book lately. So when I'm in the mood I do it or else it doesn't happen. I do mine digitally on Creative Memories program Storybook Creator. It is much easier for me bc I do not have the room to do the traditional in my house trailer. Plus I love my computer and I am on it after the kids go to bed. The only downside to the digital is the cost of printing 12x12's. CM is 3.99 a page! Currently for 2012 I have 37 pages done...and that is just to the start of July! That alone would cost me almost $150. Plus I have not bought an album yet. So I have been reaching out on fb and a friend has showed me another place to go. Sonya this may interest you...;) Or maybe you already know about it. Go to Scrapping Simply. They have prepaid plans that enable you to get 12x12's printed off for as low as 1.59/page. Way cheaper than CM. So I think I will try them out.

Anyways here is just a taste of my 2012 album so far. I can't wait to have it finished and printed so I can show it off!

Good night!

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  1. That's a more cost effective way to go - I'm just not sure if I will go back to the CM albums, etc after doing photo books for under $40. But never say never! I'm excited with the possibility to be caught up soon! Nice pages by the way. :)