Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Thursday

My Thursday started off with this beautiful sunrise! I love love love seeing this in the morning. I have not seen one for awhile because I have not been getting up early enough to see it. Ali was up by 7am this morning which was great because it gave me time to go get groceries before the Hubby went to work.

 It looks worse in person. He was playing in the bath tub tonight, pretending to be a frog (seems to be his new thing lol) and his hands slipped and he bit the edge of the tub! Ouch! At first from the amount of blood that was coming out I was scared that we were making a trip to the ER to get stitches but it's ok. Thank Goodness.

I was really hoping that I was going to get the Hubby to work out with me tonight but it took forever for Tanner to fall asleep so he just went to bed with him. Oh well. At least I did it. And it was easier than last night.

Anywho, have a wonderful night!

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