Monday, 7 January 2013

What we have been up to.

Christmas has come and gone. I was glad to see it come but am glad to see it go. This week I finally feel like we are back to our normal routine. I guess whatever you call normal. Last week Monday I was adamant on working on potty training with Tanner. So far with a week under our belts we are doing AWESOME! And I say 'we' because I seriously needed to train myself also to be consistent with putting him on the pot. Also just staying at home, it's not like I am always on the run because I'm not but I didn't want to put him in a diaper at all except for naps and bedtime. He has free rein with the gitchies. So the idea of going somewhere in the van and him peeing all over his car seat was very unappealing. lol. For the last two days we have had very few accidents. Happy dance. I am all about the bribery. He gets a sticker every time he goes and a couple candies. I have a sticker book that he can put the stickers in and he is very proud of it.

 Tanner fell asleep at 5:30 pm on the couch like this the other day. This is the result of no nap. Potty training is tough stuff!

Ali has her second tooth poking out! Sheesh. The first one took a little bit to get used to. She just wanted to be a little savage with it. Someone had told me to give her a little flick in the chin/mouth every time she tried to bite...that didn't work at all for us. I did it twice and then for two days I fought with her to take the boob because she thought she was going to get it again! Her feelings were quite hurt :( Anyways we have sorted it out and it's going great now.

The house. There are so many little decisions to be made now. What kid of faucets for bathroom/kitchen, how many lights here, what kind of light fixtures, where do i want my appliances to sit, where to put the TV cord in the basement (I could not believe I had to decide that?!?! sheesh.Just a tad ridonculous if you ask me), and on and on! Well plumbing is all done upstairs!!! The electrical is almost done. Once the electrical is done then we can insulate the ceiling so we can heat  the basement to thaw it out so it can also be plumbed. I can hardly wait. That is an understatement.

The attributes of our house trailer I will not miss:

-The rodents
-Cold floors
-Drafty windows
-Three pane windows, if you have never had the joy of cleaning those suckers you need to so you can learn what the definition of appreciation is
-The furnace BLARING in the living room while you are trying to watch a TV show
-Ice cold master bedroom and boiling hot living room...there is no happy medium
-No closet/storage space
-The bugs
-Feeling like we are blowing away when it's hardly blowing at all! (Try being in it when it's actually tornado weather....eep)
-Doing laundry and waking kids up!

Those are just a few. Don't get me wrong, we do not have it bad at all here. I have been quite happy and content in this trailer. It's just with a growing family the shortage of space is getting old in a hurry. I had planned on going to do my dishes when I was done this but now it may have to wait until tomorrow. As I type I can here something scratching around under my sink which is probably my pet shrew. Does anyone else have/had issues with shrews??? I have probably caught about 5-6 of them in the past 6 months or so. They are so small that I can never catch them in normal mouse traps, I put out the big thick glue traps. Seems kind of ridiculous to put out a glue trap that is at least 5x7, an inch thick of glue and cost me btw $4-5 to catch one miniscule shrew. But they are gross and not aloud to live here. There I'm sure I succeeded in grossing you out tonight.

On the weekend we finally finished Ivomecing the cows, tidying up the fall calves, dehorning and denutting. It was actually a beautiful day so I took Tanner out to watch while Ali was sleeping.

On Sunday a friend and I threw a shower for her sister-in-law. It was a great turnout and a very nice afternoon. I made a fruit pizza and cupcakes.

 Five months apart.
 C'mon...I know you are drooling.
 This cupcakes have Jello Frosting on them. SOOOOO easy and yummy. Jello Frosting Link
 Baby K.

Today was a busy day. The colts went on a truck to Alberta, we got a load of feed pellets, worked on the house and went to town first thing in the morning for plumbing supplies.

Oh yes and I forgot to mention that the elements in my oven quit today while baking buns! I think it was having a temper tantrum bc we paid for our new stove this morning. lol. 

Anywho, that's all for now folks.

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