Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Last night the Hubby needed help to unload a trailer full of drywall into the house. After quite a few unsuccessful trys (lol) he managed to find four guys to come help. That 's we had planned to do last night and then they decided to start hanging it. So we have officially started dry-walling! Our plastering guy can't come till the end of February so that gives us lots of time to pick away at it as we have time.

 Chilling out on a stack of gyprock!

 Troopers favorite place in the new house right now is in my pantry lol...there is a warm pile of insulation there for him, he didn't even want to leave last night!

Our little cowboy! Never-ending energy & noise!

On another note, cousins of ours had a baby girl last night! I can hardly wait to meet her. Their first baby. There are soooo many babies to born around here soon, we are going to visit friends tonight that are overdue by a couple days now.


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