Friday, 1 February 2013

The rooms keep getting smaller & a BIG life-changing decision!

So the drywall continues to go up! That's what I mean by the rooms keep getting smaller, ha ha. We had LOTS of great help yesterday and it was greatly appreciated. Roy and Steven came down. Roy was here working from after lunch right through till after supper and then Heather showed up as well. So everything is almost done except for the entrance and a few places throughout the rest of the house.

 You can really see how high the ceiling is with people standing in the picture.
 This is the wall  between the kitchen/living room and entrance.
 Take note of the hole in the floor, that is where the stairs WERE going to go.
The dogs just love my pantry!

So originally our basement stairs were supposed to to go down from in our kitchen. We have the hole cut there and everything. But since we have had the house up we were realizing that having the stairs there really cuts out of  my kitchen. It was going to make it pretty squishy with my island, table and chairs. Today we decided to dig them out of our entrance way, it's hard to explain when you have not seen it but it will give me so much more in the kitchen. But it means cutting through cement...and if we didn't do it I know that we would be mad at ourselves for the rest of our life. So we are just going to do it! lol. 

Anyways, there's the update on the house!


  1. Great update! Anyone catch the flu from Rory? Steve sure did!

  2. So far, No! I hope it stays away. Corey has a brute of a cold right now but that's it.