Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Over another big hurdle

 We are very happy to say that we now have concrete floors in the basement and entrance-way!!! The pumper truck pulled in at about 7:30 AM this morning and it was 8:00 PM when the guys finally left tonight. It looks great though and we are so glad it's done. The house is now officially all sealed up. So today I had 4 extra people to feed. So I slow-cooked two beef roasts all night and then shredded it with BBQ sauce for beef on homemade buns, made coleslaw, potato salad  and puff wheat cake. It was delicious.
 Entrance - just finished pouring cement.
 And the troweling begins...
 Basement - That's my Uncle on that trowel.
Our temporary furnace hanging  from the ceiling keeping it warm.
I have been getting so sick and tired of Tanner asking to watch cartoons. I know I am guilty of letting him watch too much and I do not like it. So today we finally sat down and did a craft. He loves doing crafts. I did one with him. I joined in the fun and made my own as well. (the colorful one) I let him pick the eyeballs and antennas.

Miss Ali turned 8 months old today!! Sheesh, that's really all that needs to be said. Well I might as well add that time just goes way too fast. I love this munchkin so much. She is such a happy girl!

Anywho, Have a great evening!

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