Monday, 11 February 2013

Doing renos before we ever live there!

 Hallway looking into the kitchen/living room.
 Second bedroom.
 Master Bedroom.
 Our beautiful pine interior doors we purchased at Menards last week. Can't wait to see them stained and hung.

 Such a nice little poser :) Can you tell he is used to the camera?
 Installing the bath tub taps.
 RENOS!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha. This is where our staircase will be. This is in the entrance way.
 Three guys spent the majority of Saturday digging the hole out, there is still dirt to shovel out of the door.
And then I nervously watched them pull a cement pillar out through the doorway with a tractor....all went well! Anywho, there's a nice little update for y'all.

Good night!

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