Monday, 25 February 2013

Checking cows a Family affair

 Off to the barn we go!
 Our newly acquired orphan. Of course Tanner had his eyes closed for this cute picture.
 Even though it's only like -2 Tanner insisted on wearing his 'carf. I love how he leaves out the 's' sound. ('poon is my favorite he he)
 His new Momma! She seemed to quite like him. My Hubby was trying to find a lot of patience at this point...I probably should of let him hold Ali and take over. But as soon as Hubby left him alone and did something else he went to it like a champ!
 My babe and moi.
 The newest addition on the farm. Although there could be a newer one since then as this was a couple hours ago. We have had 20+ calves in the last couple of days.
 In every picture here Ali's expression is,"I do not know these people, I do not belong to this family"! lol.

 Brandy and Troop. Calving, their favorite time of the year...yuck. Need I say more?
 Always got to be feeding those cows. If he is a cattle farmer he will most definitely have fat cows!
The fresh air was spectacular! I sure hope the -30 crap is GONE for good. It's fun when we can all go out together. Next winter should interesting when both kids want to do chores with Daddy! We probably have about 70 calves so that means we are about 1/3 done.

Well I am doing pretty good to have two posts in one day!
Have a great night!

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