Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fun, Fast Trip!

 About 3 weeks ago we purchased some stuff over the phone at Menards in Grand Forks, so we finally took the time (a whole 25 3/4 hours) to go and pick our purchases up among other things. We left at 2 pm on Tuesday and were quite pleased with ourselves for getting away in such great time. It's always too good to be true. We went to pick up an enclosed trailer that we rented and could not get a single light to work on it. So we finally got on the road at 5 pm. We pulled into Grand Forks at 8:45 pm. Just in time for a swim and some pizza before bedtime.
 This was Ali's first time in the pool and she did not even flinch! She loved it!
 The kids traveled well. Other than Tanner coming down with a wicked cold it was a great little trip. We were home by 6:45 pm last night.

Have a great evening :)

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