Thursday, 14 February 2013

Top 10 ways a Farmer (Our Hubbies) Expresses Himself on Valentine's Day

Top 10 ways a Farmer - Not you of course - expresses himself on Valentine's Day:

10. He tell her to sit tight - he'll get the gates today.  
        ~Just what my Hubby would say!

9. He asks his seed dealer for a hoodie in her size.
      ~I would be literally thrilled if he came home with a hoodie for me and in my size - literally!

8. He moves the equipment off the lawn and promises not to apply chicken litter while her mother is visiting.
    ~About that equipment, I'm still waiting!

7. No chocolates at the farm store, but there was a sale on jumper cables.
    ~No chocolate, what kind of store is this ;)

6. He points out that he told her he loved her when they got married and that, if anything had changed, he would have let her know.
     ~Well at least I wouldn't be in the dark!

5. He suggests that, seeing how it's Valentines Day, after she picks up parts she ought to stop at Sonic so she won't have to cook tonight.
     ~Funny thing is, I would be perfectly happy with this...Not having to make supper in any shape or form any day of the week is a treat. 

4. He promises that, this year when the go to the county fair, they are going to borrow a nicer camper.
    ~Ha ha 

3. He hands her the TV remote control but cautions her it's only for tonight.
    ~For some reason just because it V-day, I still don't think my Hubby would pass that over...

2. He knows how fiscally conservative his wife is so, respecting her wishes, he gets her nothing.
    ~I don't get him anything either...

1. He remembers she said she loved stuffed animals and can't wait for her to see what he picked up at the taxidermist's shop.
    ~An excuse to hang another dead animal in the house lol...which I actually don't mind. Wow, that sounds very morbid of me when I put it like that!

This is how all most farmers think. I found this on another blog I follow and I thought I would share it. She found it here: Farm Talk Newspaper I added my own little comments below each one. The bottom line is that we don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day here, never have. Sure he usually gets me flowers but not always. And that's ok, because I don't usually get him anything either. If you go to our local flower shop you probably can't buy anything for less than $50...I would rather spend that on something more practical. Anyways I hope you all have a great Happy Valentine's Day!!! (This picture is from 2 yrs ago...The only place my Hubby has been is the barn this morning and I don't think the cows have a flower shop out there)


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