Sunday, 3 March 2013

This, that and the other.

 These pictures are in no particular order. We are very close to being done the drywall! We should be ready for the mud and tapers on Tuesday! Very exciting.
 Our nephew Landen was at Grandma and Grandpa's for a night this weekend and these two had soooooo much fun together. They played in the snow, went for a ski-doo ride, went to the cabin and had cheezies and gummy bears and hauled bales. Tanner basically outside from 11 AM to 5 PM yesterday, needless to say he was in bed and sleeping by 7:30 PM!
Landen was such a trooper, he pulled Tanner in the wagon and the sled the whole time. Tanner tried to pull Landen but he is just not strong enough yet!

 Our entrance way stairs going up to the kitchen. My plan is to stain them.
 Today we got together with my F family for Grandma's 70th Birthday! It's actually not till Wednesday. My cousin Jessie made the cake, it was soooooo tasty and beautifully decorated. (Can you tell she works at a Bake shop??)

 Tanner helping Daddy bottle feed a little baby tonight. Her Momma had twins and only wanted one of them :( Hopefully we will find a Momma for her soon.
Here is Ali with Jessie at Grandma's party. We had sooooo many laughs tonight, only with family do you come across such hilarious topics of conversation and have the same dumb sense of humor! I love it. Good times.

Anywho, I was waiting for my babe to wake up bc I thought she would want to eat...I'll probably end up just laying down and she will wake up! Story of my life :) Have a great night!


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