Monday, 18 March 2013

More paint colors...

 Door way between Kitchen and Entrance. Showing you the Buttered Yam (orange) and Pensive (beige) together.
 Entrance. This is a better picture, shows what it truly looks like. Oh and yes this is only one coat...if you were wondering why it looks crappy.
 Bathroom. This color is called Nature (I think).
 Ali's room. I love the pink but now when I walk into the room I feel like I'm being swallowed by pink. I want to do something with one wall. Anyone have suggestions? White? Chocolate brown? Stripes?
 It is called Country Pink.
 Tanner's room. It will be a cowboy  theme. I can't wait to decorate it.
The red is called Caliente and the brown is called Kona (I love this chocolate brown).
The Master. I am finally happy with it. The lighter color is the second color I picked for the lighter color to go with that chocolate brown. The first one I had picked was way too dark. It is called Hush and the brown is called French Press. We have Realtree camo bedding so I tried to pick something that would match.

Anywho, there you are!


  1. I would add a chocolate brown accent wall in Ali's room or perhaps some big brown polka dots. Either/or would take away a bit of that "Holy pink!" feeling for you.

  2. I would add grey to Ali's room!