Monday, 25 March 2013

I won, I won!!!

So on Saturday night we attended the Austin & Area Wildlife Banquet. We want to support this club because we want our children to benefit from it later on. But we were still dragging our feet to go. Not because we didn't want to go, it's just easier to stay at home! We have been so stinkin' busy lately that it would have felt nice to stay at home. Anyways, I spent $10 on a raffle ticket for a ladies gift basket. And I WON!!!!!!!!!! It is valued at over $300!

It includes:
-Gift certificate for a 30 min massage
-Gift certificate for a manicure
-Gift certificate for a facial
-Honey, honey products, chocolates
-Jewelry (from three local people who either sell it or make and sell it!)
-A picture frame with a $25 off a session with a local photography

I'm ecstatic :)

Have a great day!

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