Monday, 18 March 2013

House Update!!!!

 Log railing in our entrance. It will be stained yet. He builds it all right here and then takes it down, takes it home, stains it, sands it and then will come and install it. We are in love with it!

 Plaster done!
 Heather priming the entrance. The ceiling is 12 ft here.
 Brenda priming the ceiling on top of the landing in the entrance. We started priming at 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon and by 11pm that we were finished! Thanks to my mother-in-law, Regan and Heather for their help that day.
 Here is the first coat of the beige that runs from the North wall in the entrance through the kitchen/living room and into the hallway.
 Thanks to Joan (D) and Joan (C) and my mother-in-law for help this day. I was extra appreciative because I was babysitting a couple of little boys that day so was unable to be out there helping till after supper.
 I like this color a lot better than at first. It goes really nicely with the Rusty Nail below.
 This is in the kitchen/living room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color.
 Joan (D) is cutting in the beige in the hallway.
Looking in to the Living room from the kitchen.
 Trying to show you the beige (Pensive) and Rusty Nail together. I used Benjamin Moore paint, wanted to try something different. They have a lot of beautiful colors.
 Joan (C) putting the 2nd coat of beige on the North wall in entrance. She was here that day from 9:30am to about 8:30pm! Thank-you!
Here is a taste of my bathroom color. It's a sage green color. I love it also!

So all in all it has been a crazy busy week! From trying to keep my house from running away on me, dishes, making sure I have meals to feed the extra people, baking, laundry (Tanner was almost out of gitch!), making sure my kids are looked after (Daddy did some extra parenting than he normally has to ;)), looking after other kids which was a blast!, all while painting in every spare moment. I am very thankful of all the extra help I had, we really do appreciate it. 

On another note, for one meal I made chili in the crockpot and baked potatoes in another crockpot with a tossed salad. I am not sure WHY I have never thought to do baked potatoes in the crockpot before!!!!!!! It was the easiest thing in the world. This is my new solution to feeding people for harvest/cattle days/etc! I will tell you how in another post in my Country Cookin' page. And also hopefully later today I will take more pictures of the rest of the colors in the new house and post that as well. 

I apologize for the long post! Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Things are really coming together. It looks great! Love the railing.

  2. Thanks Sonya! Congrats on becoming an Auntie all over again! :)

  3. glad you didn't get pics of me lovely daughter captured some on my iphone...and they WEREN'T pretty! What an amazing journal of your home building project!