Saturday, 23 March 2013

Let the tedious finishing touches begin...

 Tanner, Grandpa and Ali reading the laminate flooring instructions. Do you think they figured it out??
 There will be laminate flooring throughout the bedrooms.
 We have been staining and varnishing pine board for the ceiling since Thursday. Talk about a crappy job. We don't have room to lay it all out and do it all at once so it's a little bit at a time. They started putting some on the ceiling to see what it looks like. Looks nice! I post pics of it once there is more to see.
 Pine wood casing around all of the windows, I just LOVE it. We will not be staining it, just a couple coats of varnish.
 And then there will be pine trim to go around the windows.
 All Tanner wanted to was help his Dad and Grandpa with the laminate. Good little helper, by the end of the night he was pooped!
 There was a time when I wondered if they were getting anything done at all LOL! Goof balls.

 Oh and we can't forget this little peanut! Stuck in her cage lol.
 This is serious stuff. ha ha.
I just love love love this face.

Anyways, the log railing is going into our entrance as I type!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see it done, I will post pics tonight.


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