Friday, 26 April 2013

Busy but great day

What did I do today?

Lots of laundry
Washed my floors
Cleaned my bathroom
Went to town to run some errands
Went for coffee to my mother-in-laws
Went for a walk with my daughter
Treated a bunch calves with my father-in-law
Got a pizza to go on the way to the accountant
Went to the accountant (We are getting money back! woot! woot!)
Picked up my Mother-in-law's van at the mechanic
Came and visited with some friends that are out from up North

A very busy but great day with lots accomplished. Note: Tanner went out to do chores with Grandpa this morning and then ended up staying at Grandma's playing with his cousin all all I had was one child! Was kind of nice.

I am so ready for bed.

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