Friday, 5 April 2013

I keep telling my Hubby that we will be in it for my Bday(May6)............................

 Look at that! I even got a nice smile from him! We are putting shelving and rods in the closets tonight, I'm so excited to fill them with lots of shit. Mwahahahah.
 Lino is all done and looks fantabulous. And we even got a great deal on the cost of laying it, if you ever need someone to do lay flooring, I have a great name to pass along to you!
 Tanner just does not know how to contain himself with all this space! He brought a car/toy thing to push around while we were working. He was zooming everywhere, I'm pretty sure he has no idea that all the furniture that has yet to be in there will slow him down
What a goofy looking cutie pie, look how much his ears stick out. I love it! ha ha. That's my boy! Anyways, so my Birthday is on May 6, and I have been telling my Hubby that it would be a grand present to be moving in on that day........................... :D What do you think? Can we do it???? I have been hoping that someone would come along and want to buy our trailer and need it asap so then we would have some pressure to get out. Ha. Why not go even crazier than we are? Plumbing and heating people are supposed to be coming next week to start the duct work and also my most favorite part is that my cupboards arrive next week! Eeeeeek!


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