Monday, 22 April 2013

Where did my baby go?


Just look at these two pictures. Taken pretty much exactly one year apart! On the left is 2013 and above in 2012. And it's making me want to cry. Where did my baby go? He is growing up so fast. HE makes us so proud, he is such a smart little boy, so inquisitive (WHY, WHY, WHY!? lol.), is developing a love for farming and is a great big brother! Excuse me while I bawl my eyeballs out. It scares me to think that lately I have been wondering when I will hear about Pre-school registration because I would like him to go in the fall. But surely not already!? Yikes. I am going to go finish my coffee now before my kids wake up and my extra kids arrive....... Have a great day!


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