Saturday, 27 April 2013

There's not much better than coffee on a deck!

 Sigh........first coffee on the veranda which is far from complete. Nonetheless it was wonderful. Perfect actually. My Mother-in-law and I sat there until Tanner woke up and then he joined us as well. Quite the view with the house trailer in the way lol.
View to the East. It was funny, we could hear someone coming from the East but couldn't actually see who it was until they were a quarter of a mile away to the West!
 View to the West.
 Cheers! The Hubby was a little pouty that he missed out on the first coffee on the veranda but he chose to go quading with his friends today.
 We also had the first supper in the new house tonight. I had been busy cleaning up in and outside of the house today and my Mother-in-law showed up to varnish and stain so I splurged for Subway. It was also my Father-in-law's birthday today so that was another cause for celebration.
 I'm sure she would love some of that icetea but I really don't need her crawling any faster than she already is!
 Big baby blues.
And then there is the picture of our typical little girl!

Anyways, hope your all having a great weekend! Tomorrow brings on a birthday party for the FIL and processing cattle.


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