Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Savoring these moments

With four short months left to go in this pregnancy, there are certain things looming in our faces that should be dealt with. Things like getting this never-ending harvest in forward motion and finished, putting food in my freezer for harvest, our son going for his first day of Nursery school tomorrow morning, cleaning and decluttering parts of my house (I know your laughing as you read this - - how can she possibly have places to be decluttered when they only just moved in a little over a year ago??!!'d be surprised!), dealing with tomatoes that are in my garden (and a frost threatening any day), and the list goes on and on.

But one thing that sticks out right now is helping our daughter adjust to either going to bed on her own...or letting her Daddy go to bed with her. Because in four short months, we'll have a new member in our family and he or she will be a very demanding little person. I know that most evenings I won't always be free to go to bed with her.


Lately I have realized that as much or as little as we have tried to get her to let Daddy lay with her, I really have no desire to give it up. Just yet. We have this little routine me and her. We gather her blankie and her milk, say good night to Daddy and off we go to bed. She always asks for either one or two more drinks of her milk before bed (I cut her off at two), makes sure she has 'The' precious corner of her blankie, she gives me a kiss on the lips and the cheeks, then I have to do the same to her, she snuggles right up beside me and says 'Wuv you too, Mom." And then after about 15 seconds..."Hey Mom?" "Yes?" "Wuv you too, Mom." And another 15 seconds......"Hey Mom?" "Yes?" "Where white milk go?" "It's sitting on the the floor." "Oh."

And this goes on sometimes too long some nights but usually a couple questions before she nods off and I sneak out. I do admit that most days I get frustrated at having to lay with her and there are things I would like to be doing. Whether it's cleaning up the house or maybe just being selfish and sitting on the couch with my Hubby who I haven't seen all day.

Maybe it's because with this baby coming I keep thinking of how such a short time ago Tanner was my baby, only two years old when Ali was born. (Ali will be 6-7 months older when this baby comes) He was so little and now he's starting Nursery School! Which I am totally OK with by the way. But when baby comes we will be starting another new chapter in our lives and life will pick up even more speed. So for now I think I will savor these moments with my little baby girl. She will one day soon be the one going to Nursery school and detaching herself from me.

When Daddy needs to sleep with her or she needs to sleep by herself, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. For the laundry and dishes and toys can wait on this Mommy because she needs me NOW and I know in the very near future I'll be wishing she needs me more as she detaches herself from me. Which I know will be sooner than her brother, she is a WAY more independent and strong willed than he is!

 June 27, 2012
 August 2014

So for now people, SAVOR THESE MOMENTS!

Have a great day!

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