Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Alberta Bound.

So my in-laws are leaving for Red Deer tomorrow morning. I really should be going with them...We had plans of heading out there in a month or so but if plans for starting our new house go ahead then we will be just staying at home so we can get it all up and closed in for the winter. I kinda threw around the idea of jumping in with them when my father-in-law mentioned it earlier in the week. But I would rather go when we can make it a family trip with the Hubby! We will be seeing them at Christmas anyways.

It's probably a good choice bc all evening my baby girl has been fussing and crying and downing the gripe water! Not sure if it's something I could be but I think she is actually teething. She has been gnawing on that fist something fierce. And then gets upset when she actually chews on it bc her gums must hurt? I'm sure those teeth are just moving up and down in there. I was kind of hoping she would get teeth later than Tanner (he started at 7 mo) and nursing with teeth was not a pleasant experience for me.

Anyways, hope this does not mean a long night for us!


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