Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Puzzle Pieces

For what was supposed to be such a low key day for me turned out being busy. but that's OK, it was a good kind of busy! I took the kids to Kit & Kaboodle in the morning and it was the windup so we also got lunch too. It is such a fantastic program for kids! They do a craft, sing, dance, read books and get a snack and a new book every week for free! I think it is so great. Meanwhile the guys started preg checking our cows at 11am. I had wanted to take the kids out so Tanner could watch but it rained all day so I just let him watch from the van. Since my mother-in-law was home I was supposed to be off the hook for cooking but she ended up being roped into writing numbers down. She left hamburger and buns in my kitchen. So I whipped up a tossed salad to go with the burgers and slapped some pork and beans on the table and called it good! LOL. Sandra had sent chocolate cake for dessert. Perfect :) By the time they came in to eat it was 3:30pm. Stupid time I know but our Vet always want to start at stupid times! You would think when you have 200+ cows to get through you would start at like 8 or 9 in the morning. Sheesh. Not to mention we were pulling calves off their mamas and trucking them as well. So the guys get a snack before they start and then lunch turns into an early supper. And while we were busy with that the styrofoam blocks for our basement walls show up in a big semi truck. Yee-haw! We would like to start stacking blocks on Saturday but there is lots to do yet before. It's still raining as I type and is supposed to all day tomorrow. BUT I will NOT complain about this rain. It is very much needed.

Apparently they go together just like puzzle pieces. I can hardly wait to see them go up!! Anyways, that's all my babbling for now folks.


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