Thursday, 11 October 2012

Less than fresh.

So today I actually got to sleep in till almost 8 :) Usually it's 7 or earlier. Once Hubby was off to work and I had some veg/coffee time, Tanner and I decided to do some baking. So we made granola bars which are delish. I made them for Corey's lunch and I feel like every time I walk past the container I all of a sudden have one in my hand and I'm eating it...go figure! Find recipe here at Wanna Lick the Spoon: Chewy Granola Bars. And we also made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Same recipe in my Country Cookin' link just put raisins in instead of chocolate chips. I believe tomorrow it will be muffins. I like to have baking in the house these days bc #1. Corey's lunch #2. With cattle coming home, preg checking and selling calves we will have extra people around to feed for coffee breaks and meals etc. #3. Building this house also means we will have extra people around on a regular basis. I do not like to be caught with nothing to offer. And when we have people here helping then they do not leave without something in their belly. (must be the Mennonite in me...)

We still do not have the footing done ready to pour but it is close. Probably beginning of next week. Once that is done then up go the basement walls. It's hard when you only have till 730pm to work on it. It's getting dark so early now.

Our little girl is growing so much and just seems like she would love to get up and walk already. She constantly wants to sit right up, none of this laying around where she can't see what's going on. She is becoming a Mommy suck. Wanting to be held and being able to see where I am. She is so different than what Tanner was. I never really had to put him to sleep, that's the only way she will go to sleep. She loves to be rocked (or the jig I call it) Tanner was quite laid back. I could just put him in his bouncy chair and can/bake/clean the afternoon away and he was content to just sit there and watch me. She is but not for very long.

Tanner has come down with a cold since yesterday morning. I think it's just his nose bugging him. I tried asking him if he throat hurts but I don't think so. He is just not his chipper cheery self! So I hope that does not last long. I am not sure when I will tackle the potty training again...

I really have nothing interesting to say today but there is something that I often think about. Like I have said before, history or the olden days fascinate me. I have always wondered about what they used for diapers WAY back when. I especially wondered this with my newborn daughter this time around...newborns go through SOOOOOOOOOO many diapers in a day. And most of them are poopy! Check this out!

History of the Diaper
1300s: American Indians, specifically the Inuit, used layers of moss tucked inside a sealskin cover. I can imagine it was absorbent and waterproof!

1400s: England – Diapers were only changed every few days. Talk about a recipe for diaper rash.YIKES!

1800s: United States – On the frontier, pioneer women rarely washed wet cloth diapers. Instead, they just hung them to dry, and then reused them. That’s one way to save time. Wonder what would happen if I employed the same strategy?

1860s: United States – Some mothers may have used safety pins, but straight pins were still prevalent for fastening diapers. Wool soakers, tight wool pants or shorts worn over diapers, were commonly used to keep clothing dry.

1887: United States – Modern cloth diapers are invented, and Maria Allen begins the first mass production. Squares of linen or flannel are folded into a triangle and held in place with a safety pin. Around this period mothers also started boiling dirty diapers to sanitize them before reuse.

I personally use flat cloth diapers on my daughter at home. I like them bc I HATE accumulating garbage that has to be taken to the dump and I am a bit of a tree hugger. It bothers me that disposables are not biodegradable. But for night and when we go away I use the disposables. Anywho, each to their own! I just could not imagine only changing a diaper every couple of days! Ouch for that poor little bum. Talk about being less than fresh!!!

ha ha. Well there is some food for thought for ya!



  1. Those granola bars are too good...I try not to make them too often because they're sitting there calling my name all day long!

  2. the food thing definitely goes back to our Mennonite roots, thinking back now I'm amazed that my mom always had so much baking on hand on top of all the farm work she did. I'm just in my house and sometimes have a hard time keeping up with food. I'm sure you are a fantastic baker, my mom always said that your mom was a great cook!

  3. My Mom is a fabulous cook, but I don't think I'm near as good as she is. Plus I never wanted to cook/bake with her so I guess now I learn the hard way...

  4. I loved your final paragraphs. I love history :) I also liked hearing your comments about being a bit of a 'tree hugger.' I read your blog daily and there are a lot of 'YES! She GETS IT!" moments. I am also excited to try the granola bar recipe...been looking for a good one for quite awhile.