Saturday, 6 October 2012

The first snow.

No I did not get this posted last night. I wanted to but my husband outlawed yesterday evening as 'Family time' ha ha. Which ok bc I know I spend too much time on the computer. I'm just not a TV person. So we had this big plan to watch a movie together after the kids went to sleep...I rocked Ali to sleep at about 830 and then about an hour later I went to put Tanner to sleep. The only thing I remember is thinking: Perfect! He is asleep, I will just wait a few more minutes so he is in a deeper sleep then I'll get up. And then my Hubby is waking me up at about quarter to eleven! I thought he was waking me up so we could watch our movie (after's still not that late!!) but no he was going to bed. So I went to. And that was our night. Watching random TV shows and eating a bag of chips and dip till kids went to bed and then we went to bed lol!!! So many people would classify it as boring and it was but I love it. Anyways here is our first snow!

 The top picture my poor effort in capturing the heifers coming home. It was too crappy out to go out with the kids.

My update on potty training. So far he has not gone on the potty. I have been telling him to tell Mommy when he has poop or pee but he translated that into telling Mommy that he HAS pooped or peed. Well only pee so far. I have not had a #2 accident. But I am currently anticipating a #2....not that anyone wants to know that. So I have also been telling him that if he goes on the potty he can have a gummy bear. Right or wrong I don't know. And I have also moved the little potty into the living room so that if he does tell me he has to go that we don't have far to go!

Anyways that's all for now folks.


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  1. your evening events sound much like ours. We are always talking about making time to watch a movie and it NEVER happens cause after the kids are finally asleep we just go to bed too. hoping to change that after time change so that our kids will go to bed earlier!