Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Totally Tremendous Tuesday.

This was a good day. Relaxing. Got some coffee drank kind of a day. I just relished every minute of it (except for the wind!?!?).

What did I accomplish today?

-Laundry (which is a household chore I love to do BUT only seem to make it to the getting it folded step and then it stays in the basket till I get sick and tired of digging for clothes out of them instead of my dresser and my Hubby constantly wondering where all his clothes have gone...he he)
-Trying a new recipe for multi-grain bread in my breadmaker. It was so-so, not sure I like the orange zest it called for...
-Half assed cleaned our bedroom. It was getting ridonculous. Almost as bad as those hoarding shows on TV. Just not grossly dirty with dead rodents everywhere hahahahah. Ok I'll stop that now. It just is the only place I have to unload things or stash anything that doesn't seem to have a place in my house. But there is no room in there either...At least we can walk in there now and find clothes in our dressers once again.LOL.
-Did dishes multiple times.
-Made homemade coffee creamer. Find recipe here (although I modified it.) French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
 (I make my own condensed milk, use whipping cream and four times the amount of vanilla it calls for)
-Made homemade Nesquik Find recipe here: Homemade Nesquik
-Killed about a million flies Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
-Made spaghetti and meat sauce, corn, pickles and fresh bread for supper.
-Bathed both the kids.
-Read lots of books with Tanner.
-Played blocks with Tanner.
-Played puzzles with Tanner.
-Cuddled my baby girl :)
-Chased cows. (had to move some around to make room for the other 200 that will be back on the farm shortly! Where did that summer go?)
-Watched a little bit of TV with Hubby. (when I say little bit, that means I tend to flit in and out of the living room bc I can not just sit and watch TV, I'm not a big TV lover. Corey would like it if I would just sit with him but I rarely do!)

A few highlights of my day:

Tanner wanted to play blocks so Ali and I got down on the floor to play with him. Well Tanner started taking them out of the container and he was asking me what the letter was on each block and then he would set it on the floor and line them all up. He was genuinely interested in what those letters were! I thought it was cool that he even noticed them and wanted to know what they are! I am so proud of our little boy. He knows all his colors and shapes and is even learning to count! And is now wanting to learn what those letters are.

Ali let out a sneeze today and Tanner looked at me and said - "Ali just did a Bless you." How precious is that? ha ha. They listen and pick up on everything!

 Wearing his Dad's dirty old hat everywhere at all times!
 Our little chub chub.
 He loves h er so much, he would kiss her all day if I let him.
Precious moment.

After supper we helped Hubby and father-in-law move some cows and bulls around. Here are some pictures I captured. Tanner got his ride on the quad, he is also obsessed with that as well!

 My side kicks helping to move cows.
 More pretty colors.
 Trooper forever wanting love 24/7. lol. He would hop over Ali to be on my lap in a sec if I let him!
 Moving the fall calvers across the road so the bulls can go there.

 Our newest and last fall calf. Couldn't get a better picture of him, he has good Mom!

And here is the end of a good day! I hope you all had a wonderful day! If not, tomorrow is a brand new one :)


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  1. I am so excited to try the homemade nesquik!!!! I am going to do the syrup. That site has lots of cool stuff to try!