Thursday, 4 October 2012

I put my patient pants on.

So. I finally quit procrastinating the subject and officially started potty training today. Yep I sure did. And it actually did not go as badly as I thought it would. I randomly decided this at about 11-11:30 this morning. So he stayed dry till about one when I decided to put him down for a nap and then I put him back into a diaper. But that whole time he was in gitchies he did not go on the potty either. So then when he woke up from his nap I put him back into undies. I was hoping that when he had an accident that he was would be upset or bothered by how different it felt from the diaper. But nope Ashley couldn't be that lucky! Definitely not as lucky as my sister-in-law who's girls were a dream to potty train! Anyways he did have two accidents today. He peed twice but didn't seem to be too bothered by it. I ask him regularly if he has to go and put him on potty every half hour or so. I will just keep putting along and he will get it eventually. So I just hopeI can find the patience!

For a different subject I made a really yummy supper tonight. One Skillet Salsa Chicken. I found it on the Wanna Lick The Spoon blog (which I love, I have found many great recipes that I either have tried or want to try yet) I will be making this again.

Tanner and I also did a craft today. We made a clown out of pom poms, pipe cleaners and a styrofoam plate. He loves doing things like that. Two weeks ago I started taking him to Kit and Kaboodle in town. He LOVES it. It is such a wonderful program and for free! The kids sing songs, read books, do a craft and get a snack. The at the end of the session they get to pick a brand new book to take home with them!

Something else that Tanner and I did tonight is painted in the bath tub!!! He loved it and so did I bc the cleanup was easy :) Check it out! Bath Tub Paint Although my paint did not turn out as nice as I would of liked but he still had fun.

Christmas shopping has sure on my brain lots...I need to get some down asap. I have decided what all my nieces and nephews are getting. Just to get it all now.

Tomorrow is a busy day. We have heifers coming home from PFRA in the morning and then we have an appointment in Plap in the afternoon. Anyways I hope to catch some Moo pictures tomorrow to share :D That's all for tonight folks.



  1. Great post title! I laughed with delight and anticipation to read what came next.

  2. You're such a great Mom Ashley. The other night I put the boys in the tub with glow bracelets and bubbles and turned the lights off and covered the window. They loved it. First bath time in a LONG time where the boys weren't constantly fighting!

  3. Aw Thanks Sonya! I try. The internet is full of great ideas.

  4. ps. I have been really enjoying your Wanna lick the spoon blog. You have a lot of great recipes!