Thursday, 25 October 2012

What would we do without Family, Friends and Neighbors?

It has become so evident to me in the last three weeks that we take our rural way of living too much for granted. How many people in this world can rely on family, friends and neighbors to help build a house? Not only that, where can you find people who think this is a great way to pass the winter by? I am not even kidding! I know it's a lot of work but I think everyone considers this a wonderful social outing!  I remember when one of Corey's cousins bought an old house nearby a couple winters ago and all winter long that is where we spent the majority of our evenings and weekends helping her to completely gut and reno it.

*Just a note: We are not relying on these people to build us a whole house. LOL. We do have contractors coming to help put the shell of the house up and close it in. They will pick up wherever we have got to when they have time to come. But that's all they are doing is closing the house in for us and then we are doing the rest ourselves.

Take for example today. Corey went to work like normal. (Which is just down the road) And then all of a sudden at about 11am he is back home. Spur of the moment he has decided we have to finish the basement walls asap because the place we have rented the bracing from wanted it back today...and if we pour our walls tomorrow he won't get it back till Saturday. We were really hoping to pour it today but no go. So by the time 1pm rolled around we had a full crew ready to help us! My hubby, father-in-law, an uncle, three cousins and a neighbor! And it is SO appreciated.

This house is going to mean so much to us when it is all said and done. We will never forget the hands that had a part in making our dream come true :)

I would not trade rural life for the world. So what if everyone knows what your doing and when your doing it! At least you know that when you are broke on the side of the road it will most likely be member of your community picking you up.


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