Monday, 29 October 2012

Typical Monday :S

1. My kids drove me crazy all day. Tanner did everything possible to push my buttons and Ali just fussed and hardly slept. (If she did Tanner woke her up :s) Tanner did not nap at all.

2. I got absolutely nothing accomplished today.

3. I was craving my favorite bran muffin recipe, so made them this evening and they suck big time. That ticked me off. Grrr.

4. The cats outside keep ripping my garbage up. I could of prevented that but it still ticks me off.

5. I was clipping Ali's nails because she was scratching herself a lot and then I won the Mommy of the Year award and cut her with the clippers. Bah! I felt terrible.

6. Actually #2 is not true. I made pizza for supper tonight and it tasted great, I went to town to accomplish some banking and buy water. Also did a couple loads of laundry. There that made me feel a bit better. 

Those are just a few reasons why my Monday sucked! I do have bad days so thanks for letting me 'vent' a little of my frustrations. BUT tomorrow is a new day right???


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