Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Footing is poured!!!

Finally we were ready to have the footing poured. It really is hard when Corey only has a couple hours after work! I finished tying the rebar together for him this afternoon. I tried to do it with the kids outside this morning...that was a no go. Ali was crying, Tanner was getting stuck in the fence north of our yard...and on and on. So I got my mother-in-law to come down to stay with the kids inside while I finished. The the inspector could look at it and we could have permission to pour! Next part of the project is stacking styrofoam blocks for the basement walls. I think when that happens it will feel more real!

 Pumper truck.
 Lifting the rebar as the cement is poured so it sits up off the ground and in the center of footing.
 It is amazing how far that thing can reach!

 This is the pad that out telepost has to sit on in basement.
 Tanner playing in the weeping tile.

Finished with the rebar sticking out ready for the basement walls to go up around it.

Have a great night! I'm going to bed and it's only 9:30 pm. Wowzer.

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